Automotive Tools For The Serious Car Buff

If you are a professional car mechanic or simply someone who enjoys working on your car at home, you certainly know the value of having good quality tools on hand. Instead of wasting both your time and money buying low quality tools that are routinely sold at large discount chain stores, you perhaps would like to know where to find the best car repair tools online at the lowest prices possible.

One of the best locations that is used by thousands of automotive enthusiasts is Eris Automotive Tools. In business on the world wide web for seven years now, Eris Automotive is an authorized dealer of otc automotive tools, Dewalt, DM, AutoXray and many, many more. Regardless of what type of automotive repair tools you need and even if are looking for specialized pieces of automotive equipment, Eris Automotive is sure to have it. And, if by chance they do not, simply send them an email and they will most likely be able to find it and sell it to you.

If you are into doing body work yourself, then you need to use the best quality and most trusted auto body tools that are on the market today. Eris Automotive sells everything you could ever need for doing body work including body repair kits, gun washers, paint shakers, pneumatic door skins, putty pushers, work stands, solvent recyclers, pulling clamps, trim tools and much more.

The website is super easy to navigate so your shopping experience will be quick, pleasant and super efficient. Eris Automotive takes great pride not only in the vast selection of car repair tools they carry, but also in their customer service. The customer service phone line is manned and open Monday through Friday from 9am to 5pm EST. Customers are encouraged to send comments to the staff regarding the selection offered, prices charged and service received. Eris Automotive is a family-run business that has become the number one choice for both home and professional mechanics alike.

Your transactions are secure when you shop at the website as the latest SSL technology is used to ensure that your credit card and electronic check transactions are confidential and secure at all times. If you are on a tight budget but still need brand name automotive repair tools, be sure to check out the ‘Shop by Price’ category in the left sidebar on the home page of the website because you may find just what you are looking for at a deeply discounted price.

Serious car buffs never waste their hard-earned money on substandard tools. Not only do cheap tools break easily, quite often they are not even calibrated correctly to do the job that they were designed to do. It is always worth the extra money to buy the best brand name tools on the market today. Eris Automotive sells them all from hand tool master sets, to locking pliers, to stud removers and everything that falls in between. The selection is fantastic so no matter what your next automotive project is, you are sure to find the perfect tools to make the time you spend working a total pleasure.